Litigation and Arbitration

The Hungerford Law Firm has represented Oregon school districts in hundreds of grievance proceedings over the years. Most never make it to arbitration. However, if they do, the firm has real advantages in experience and knowledge of the arbitration process. Nancy has read and digested every labor arbitration decision involving an Oregon school district or other public sector employer for 33 years – thousands of cases involving all of the arbitrators on the ERB’s list and most of those on the AAA list. We assist school districts in realistically assessing their chances of prevailing in an arbitration, and in looking at alternatives such as settlement or rebargaining problematic language.

Our firm’s litigation experience includes cases in county circuit courts across Oregon, appearances before most of the federal court judges currently sitting in the state, and more than 30 years of arguing cases for school districts before the Oregon Court of Appeals and Oregon Supreme Court. Where insurance counsel is designated to handle a case, we assist our clients in ensuring that their interests are well-represented. We believe that early involvement in the type of cases likely to be litigated is the key to our success, as is thorough preparation before trial or hearing.