Philosophy of Service

What sets our firm apart, besides the depth and extent of experience practicing school law, is our philosophy of service. Nancy’s earlier experience as a school teacher and administrator has had a long-lasting impact on our vision of the role of legal counsel. We know that administrators and school board members have the important role of making educational decisions that benefit students and taxpayers alike. Our role is to assist the school staff and board in knowing their legal options and providing them the information to make the best possible decisions.

We are a family law firm that sees our clients as members of our large, extended professional “family.” We believe in long-term relationships based on mutual respect and trust. We have worked with some of our districts’ administrators or board members for more than 25 years, from their initial stints as building administrators to an ultimate position of superintendent, in some cases.

We also believe in cultivating the best possible working relationships with those representing employee groups and parent groups, even though we are often in an adversarial position. We have assisted many districts with collaborative bargaining, mediation, and problem-solving in a variety of areas. We know that we can help districts in reaching cooperative resolutions on many issues, although not all.