Oregon Labor Law Digest LLC brings to you the following resources, designed especially for central office and building administrators. Click publications order form to download order form.

Oregon Labor Law Today (2014 edition), now in its 9th edition, is a completely revised version of the easy-to-use guidebook to the Oregon Public Employee Collective Bargaining Act. The treatise includes a detailed table of contents / finder’s guide, a chart of all mandatory and permissive areas of bargaining, and a complete summary of applicable ERB and appellate court cases for each topic. For the first time, OLLT is being published in electronic format only, and delivered to subscribers as an e-mailed pdf file. This will allow subscribers to use word search and other electronic functions, which will increase the user-friendly nature of OLLT. Subsequent updates of the electronic version of OLLT will be made available to subscribers at a reduced rate.
Cost: $225.00

Oregon Labor Law Digest has provided a comprehensive review of public sector labor relations in Oregon to more than 200 public employers, employee representatives, and attorneys since 1978. The Digest’s scope is broad, covering all Employment Relation Board decisions, Oregon Court of Appeals and Supreme Court decisions and Attorney General’s Opinions relevant to labor law, summaries of arbitration awards, especially those by Oregon and Washington arbitrators, selected NLRB decisions, court decisions in other states, up-to-date Consumer Price Index figures, and lists of mediation, factfinding, and interest arbitration in progress. The Digest is published approximately every other month in an electronic format.
Cost: $150 for a one-year subscription

Oregon Special Education Law Update is a newsletter published four times per year to provide administrators and special education staff with a quick and easy way to keep updated on special education law in Oregon and to keep abreast of “hot topics” and “danger areas” that other districts are encountering. Each newsletter will contain a review of all recent significant State Department of Education, due process, and Oregon court decisions; “hot topics” that are generating questions, concern, or confusion; and discussion of questions submitted by subscribers.  The Update is now published in an electronic format only.
Cost: $95.00 for a one-year subscription

Programs of Assistance for Improvement: Guidelines and Samples contains everything you need to know about PAIs, including required and suggested components, and over 175 pages of actual PAIs for licensed staff, classified staff, and administrators.  The PAIs are categorized by assignment and area of deficiency, including instruction; classroom management; relationships with students, parents, and staff; deficiencies related to special assignments (counselor, special education, ELL, etc); and attendance/punctuality.  Finally, the publication contains examples of supporting documentation needed throughout the duration of the PAI, including notices of deficiency, progress reports, PAI extensions, and documentation related to the completion of the PAI.  The publication is now available in an electronic format, making its contents easy to access and share with others in your district.
Cost: $125.00 per order